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Foster a deepening of faith and knowledge to be used to give witness to Christ through our parish and school.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish


Our community continues to grow and prosper through our parish. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish and School.

Rigorous Academics


Helping our students achieve academic success is at the center of our efforts. Our focus on learning provides our students the confidence necessary to excel beyond the classroom.

Our Catholic Faith

Faith formation is shared by our students and community. Catholic education and evangelization are crucial for the future of the Church.

A Nurturing Environment

Our students prosper in an environment that is inclusive and collaborative.

Reinforcing Family Environment

Our students prosper in an environment that is inclusive and collaborative. They grow and develop confidence along with their classmates.

Our Lady of Lourdes

Providing rigorous academics through a classical education approach while connecting our future to our faith and our history.

  • img-1 Classical Education
    To some people the words Classical Education drum up an image from Hollywood like one from Dead Poets Society. However, Classical Education is so much more...
  • img-2 Faith
    Catholic faith formation is integrated in every aspect of the classical education approach. Students who attend Our Lady of Lourdes will learn the history and truths of the Catholic Church...
  • img-3 Community
    Community life at Our Lady of Lourdes is visible right when you walk in the door. Parents are involved in various activities that happen on a daily basis....

Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School!

Our Lady of Lourdes School prides itself on offering the Classical Approach to Education.  This type of education raises the bar in every aspect of education.  From bi-weekly Mass attendance, to weekly rosaries, all the way to Latin, poetry and advanced math classes, students receive an education that can be compared to none!Our Lady of Lourdes is a member of the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools and is nationally accredited by Advanced Ed (the National Accreditation Department).  Lourdes offers rigorous academic formation that is rooted in the Catholic Faith.   We offer challenging instruction and religious formation from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade to supplement and support our families.  Our teachers incorporate technology into all of their lessons and incorporate in-class instruction of technology that corresponds with their content area.  We also implement Andrew Pudewa’s “Excellence in Writing” program in 1st-8th grade and Saxon Math and Grammar programs in grades kindergarten and first grade. In addition to the academic excellence at Our Lady of Lourdes, we also have a wide variety of co-curricular activities to offer your children.  Our athletic department offers basketball, volleyball and cross country.  We have one of the only Performing Arts Programs in the diocese and present two productions each year.  We have a Great Books Program that promotes reading and discussion of classical literature right in the classroom.

Our students love to participate in speech team, choir, and annual science and art fairs.  Students in the seventh and eighth grade have Outdoor Lab trips to Keystone Science School and Estes Park.

Lourdes truly is an enriched school with high academics that produce Catholic leaders.  Our teachers are highly qualified and embrace the mission of Catholic Education and the vision at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Our school community looks forward to welcoming you and showing you what Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School has to offer you and your family!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the school office.  I look forward to meeting you and serving you in Catholic Education!

In Christ,


Rosemary Anderson, School Principal

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