To some people the words Classical Education drum up an image from Hollywood like one from Dead Poets Society. However, classical education is so much more than that. In order for education to truly be successful it must convey more than simply fact to the student, it must equip the student with the ability to think. This is done naturally through the academic rigor of classical education as it works in conjunction with the natural development of the child’s brain. Classical education at Our Lady of Lourdes provides students with in-depth, rigorous content that will engage and ignite the students to actively participate in their education. Statistics show that students who are classically educated scored an average of 100 points higher on the SATs in 2011. (

One of the most important goals of education is to teach students how to learn. This goal can become lost in a mirage of textbooks that oversimplify and remove the traditional classical method of mental discipline to students. The classical method of education not only provides academic rigor, it also instructs and prepares the students to become independent thinkers based on their knowledge of grammar, logic and rhetoric. In short, classical education prepares and equips students to be leaders in the community with their ability to communicate logically with their peers and colleagues.

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